Chantel McCabe

Terms and Conditions

A written contract in plain English will form the heart of our client/independent contractor relationship. A full copy of my terms and conditions will be supplied to you during our initial discussions.

Here are a few aspects that will be dealt with in the contract.

  1. RELATIONSHIP - It will clearly set out our relationship as client and independent contractor.
  2. FEES, QUOTE - It will set out my hourly fees. Prior to the commencement of work and after comprehensive discussions, I will supply you with a detailed, written free quote for your consideration and approval. If you change the scope of work at any time thereafter, a revised or additional quote will have to be prepared, submitted and approved prior to the resumption of work on the project. The quote will be incorporated in the written contract and will be considered to be an essential part thereof.
  3. REVISIONS, COMMUNICATION - The contract will also set out important aspects of the job such as allowing for revisions of work within reason, the handling of minor amendments and ongoing communication between ourselves during the job process. A healthy and open channel of communications, including speedy responses, is essential for the success of the project. This is of particular importance when non-refundable deposits have been paid and when feedback is required for milestone payments.
  4. DETAILED BRIEF, DEADLINES - A clear and comprehensive written brief will also be required from you prior to the commencement of work for the sake of absolute clarity about what you require from me. Relying on the wording I put in my quote will more than likely be insufficient for those purposes. The brief must also contain clear deadlines. I will do my utmost to meet all deadlines timeously but in case of the unlikely and unfortunate event that I cannot meet the deadline due to circumstances beyond my control, you will not hold me liable for any losses or damages due to said failure to meet the deadline.
  5. CONFIRMATION OF AUTHORITY - Prior to the commencement of work, I will also require confirmation in writing from your company that the company employee I am dealing with is fully authorised to instruct me to attend to the project, that my terms and conditions have been accepted and that my payment schedule has been accepted.
  6. PAYMENT SCHEDULE - The contract will also set out a clear payment structure. For small projects under AU$500, the full fee will be payable prior to commencement of work on a non-refundable basis. For medium size projects up to AU$1,000, a 50% non-refundable deposit will be payable prior to commencement of work and once I hit the halfway mark, the balance of fee will become immediately due and payable. Larger projects over AU$1,000 can be dealt with in a more complex way with an initial upfront non-refundable deposit of 50% followed by a regular, structured milestone payment schedule.
  7. INVOICES, PAYMENTS - Invoices will be emailed to you and are payable within 7 calendar days and prior to commencement of work. Direct deposits are required from Australian clients and international clients may pay by means of PayPal.
  8. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS - All intellectual property rights will pass to you from me upon the clearing of your final payment.
  9. BEST ENDEAVOURS, INDEMNIFICATION OF CLAIMS BY THIRD PARTIES - I’ll do my utmost best to ensure that my work is free of errors but I do not guarantee it. A stray typo or grammatical error will not be considered grounds for non-payment.I will also do my best to ensure that my work is original and does not breach any copyright of another party or similar but in the unlikely event that it does, you agree to indemnify me against any such or similar claims from any other third party alleging any sort of damages or claim arising from the use of the material I have supplied to you.

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