Chantel McCabe

Providing writing solutions for you and your business
Work experience

I am a fully qualified non-practising South African attorney (residing in Australia) and have extensive experience in drafting contracts and legal documents. I'm not offering any legal advice at all but I can produce documents competently within the legal realm either 1) as a preliminary document to then be handled by your lawyer or business associates, or 2) legal writing outsourced to me by a lawyer as a legal team support member.

I have legal experience in general practice and running a small home based general practice, plus experience as a legal advisor in the following industries: restaurant franchising, private health, pharmaceutical, brewery and the steel manufacturing. The latter involved legal compliance, industrial accidents and investigations, and environmental issues plus all other general and incidental legal matters facing such an industry.

Jewellery industry

I have experience in the jewellery industry including manufacturing, website copywriting, social media, jewellery photography and graphic design using Photoshop and Illustrator (Adobe Creative Cloud). See my jewellery website


I am also a keen artist with specific interests in acrylic painting and digital art using programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator and Procreate. I have a modest collection of original surface designs available on Spoonflower for printing onto fabric or paper and a portfolio of completed goods using some of these designs on Society6.


I have volunteered as a School Banking Coordinator for Commonwealth Bank from July 2017.

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