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I'm a wordsmith at heart and a creative content creator




My top speciality is controlled vocabulary writing
I'm the published co-author of a couple of books in a series of controlled vocabulary short stories.
The remaining books in this series of eight books are in the process of being published.
These books are used by learner readers as supplementary reading to an English reading learning course
known as Learn Reading, using the vocabulary unique to that course.
The fact that this series is written for older readers, including adults, sets it apart
from most other reading courses.

I am available to provide this same service to other reading curriculum developers.

You supply the restricted vocabulary word banks and I write entertaining short stories for your readers.

I provided this service in both US and UK English.



Providing writing solutions for you and your business
100% authentic, original, English content

Styles include: controlled vocabulary writing,conversational, formal, legal, technical and business.

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I can also assist you with the following

Letters, email, articles, blog posts, website content, product descriptions, social media posts,
newletters, agreements, memoranda of understanding and the like.
I offer a wide range of writing services for both private and professional use
including writing original documents and re-writing, editing and proofreading existing documents.

I love writing in general but have a special interest in :
  • legal matters,
  • website and social media copywriting,
  • US politics,
  • animal welfare,
  • advertising,
  • jewellery,
  • sewing, arts and craft,
  • children’s books,
  • natural health and optimal nutrition,
  • vegan cooking and
  • the importance of physical exercise .
I respect deadlines and offer professionalism, confidentiality, flexibility,  creativity, versatility, above average attention to detail, a keen eye for proofreading and exceptional English writing skills.

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